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Day 1 - Wednesday, June 7


Arrival and registrationAuditorium


Opening of the Symposium


Vassilis Bourdakis, Professor, Vice Rector, Thessaly University

Vasilia Christidou, Professor, Head of Early Childhood Education Department, Thessaly University

Hosts: Eva Georgii-Hemming, Symposium Chair - Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos - Symposium site chair


Keynote 1


“Already the Ancient Greeks…” Towards the Discovery of Contemporary Trust and Intimacy Through Higher Music Education

Eleni Lapidaki (Professor of Music Education, Department of Music Studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)


Øivind Varkøy (Professor of Music Education, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo).

Chair: Eva Georgii-Hemming


Panel 1


Title: Music, Society, Education: Christopher Small revisited

Contributors: Ruth Wright, Geir Johansen, Chris Philpott

Respondent: Randall Allsup

Chair: Cathy Benedict


Reception (wine and light snack)

Day 2 - Thursday, 8 June


Panel 2


Title: Navigating assessment: The unending—and unnervingly narrow – terrain

Contributors: Cathy Benedict, Cecilia Ferm, Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos, Patrick Schmidt.

Respondent:Geir Johansen

Chair: Randall Allsup


Parallel Sessions 1–2


1: Auditorium

Contributor: Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist

Paper: How to become a guitar playing human being in the situation of ensemble courses – independent of sex; An episode of the pod-radio show Music and Equality

Respondent: Ruth W. Wright

Chair: Paul Woodford

2: Museum room

Contributor: Elizabeth Gould

Paper: Imperatives of activism: Theorizing (as) a Deleuzian performative assembl(y)age

Respondent: Hanne Fossum

Chair: Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos


Coffee break


 Parallel sessions 3-5


3:  Auditorium

Contributor: Lori-Anne Dolloff

Paper: Deconstructing reconciliation: When did we practice conciliation?

Respondent: Frank Heuser

Chair: Elisabeth Gould

4: Museum room

Contributor: Paul Woodford

Paper: Harperland and American neoconservative disdain for music and the arts

Respondent: Betty Anne Younker

Chair: Ketil Thorgensen

 5. Room Alpha

Contributor: Leonard Tan and Mengchen Lu

Paper: “I Wish to Be Wordless”: Philosophizing through the Chinese guqin

Respondent:  Chiao-Wei Liu

Chair: Iris Yob


Lunch break


Parallel Sessions 6-8

6:  Auditorium

Contributor: Gabriela Ocadiz

Paper: Troubling concepts of coping: Uncomfortable moments in music education

Respondent: Lauren Kapalka Richerme

Chair: Theocharis Raptis

7:  Museum room

Contributor: Warren Churchill

Paper: The ideology of ability:  How might music educators respond?

Respondent: Cara Bernard

Chair: Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist

8:  Room Alpha

Contributor: Rose Sciaroni

Paper: Mapping the mountain: An open model of creativity for string education

Respondent:  William Perrine

Chair: Alexandra Kertz-Welzel


Parallel Sessions 9-10

9:   Auditorium

Contributor: Annette Ziegenmeyer, Christine Löbbert

Paper: Musical interaction as a key role for developing the quality of social relations

Respondent: Lori A Dolloff

Chair: Frank Heuser

10:  Museum Room

Contributor: May Kokkidou

Paper: Postmodernism, music literacies, and the function-oriented music curriculum: A composition in five movements

Respondent: Austin W. Showen

Chair: Leonard Tan




Coffee break


Parallel Sessions 11–13

11: Auditorium

Contributor: Alexandra Kertz-Welzel

Paper: Sustainability and music education: philosophical considerations

Respondent: David Lines

Chair: May Kokkidou

12:  Museum room

Contributor: Ketil Thorgersen and Thomas von Wachenfeldt

Paper: Black Metal pedagogy as Bildung

Respondent: June Boyce-Tillman

Chair: Annette Ziegenmeyer

13: Room Alpha

Contributor: Theocharis Raptis

Paper: Two anthropologies about the oneness of body-mind in music and music education

Respondent: Warren Churchill

Chair: Betty Anne Younker

Day 3 - Friday, 9 June


Keynote 2


Paradoxes of Mimesis and the Value of Display

Elena Tavani (Associate Professor of Aesthetics, Department of Human and Social Studies, University of Naples "L'Orientale")

Chair: Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist


Parallel Sessions 14–16

14:   Auditorium

Contributor: June Boyce-Tillman

Paper: The hospitality of wonder and music education

Respondent: Iris Yob

Chair: David Lines

15: Museum room

Contributor: Lauren Kapalka Richerme

Paper: Deleuzian potentialities and/of Arendt’s judging

Respondent: Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist

Chair: Lori-Anne Dolloff

16: Room Alpha

Contributor: Mark Whale

Paper: A song worth listening to: A process of meaning

Respondent: Ketil Thorgersen

Chair: Theocharis Raptis


Coffee break


Panel 3


Contributors: Leonard Tan, Alexandra Kertz-Welzel, David Lines, Martin Berger, Randall Allsup

Title: A humanistic approach to music education: (Critical) international perspectives

Respondent: Øivind Varkøy

Chair: Estelle Jorgensen


Lunch break


Concurrent Sessions 17-18

17:  Auditorium

Contributor: Hanne Fossum

Paper: Dignifying music education

Respondent: June Tillman

Chair: Mark Whale

18: Museum room

Contributor: Austin W. Showen

Paper: Curriculum becoming Frame/d in music education

Respondent: Nicole Besse

Chair: May Kokkidou



Coffee break


Parallel Sessions 19-20

19:  Auditorium

Contributor: Daniela Bartels

Paper: Students are the end – Regarding young performers in music classrooms as democratic citizens

Respondent: Elizabeth Gould

Chair: Hanne Fossum

 20: Museum room

Contributor: Estelle Jorgensen and Iris Yob

Paper: Metaphors for a change: A conversation about images of music education and social change

Respondent: Cathy Benedict

Chair: June Boyce-Tillman

18:00 - 19:00

Music Event

I. An improvised dialogue with Manos Hadjidakis (1925-1994) - Museum room

II. Piecemeal III - Auditorium


Conference dinner - Avra Restaurant at Anavros Beach

Day 4 - Saturday, 10 June


Keynote 3Auditorium

The Commons and Education for Social Change

Alexandros Kioupkiolis (Assistant Professor of Contemporary Political Theory, Department of politics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

Chair: Patrick Schmidt


Parallel Sessions 21-22


21:  Auditorium

Contributor: Paul Woodford

Paper: On "the End of History" and the Global decline of music education?

Respondent: José Luis Arostegui

Chair: Gabriela Ocadiz

22:  Museum room

Contributor: Frank Heuser

Paper: “But It’s Just Teaching” - reflections on why the United States just might have the educational system it deserves

Respondent: Daniela Bartels

Chair: Rose Sciaroni


Coffee break


ISPME, General Assembly

Museum room

Important Dates

1 November 2016: 
Deadline for paper submission
12 December 2016: 
End of review phase
15 December 2016: 
Feedback to authors
9 January 2017: 
Deadline submission, revised papers
6 February 2017: 
Feedback to authors
5-7 June 2017: 
7-10 June 2017: 
Main conference